It Does Not Matter

This video is a little longer than usual because I wanted to take some time at the end to show you some of our open trades which should give you some insight into how we do things and how we manage risk.

I said Friday that we could get a little retracement in our correlating assets - the Japanese Yen (FXY) and bonds (TLT), which in turn could have put a little pressure on the markets. Well we did get a little move up in bonds and some sideways action in the Yen, but that did nothing to stop the indexes from going higher. Tonight we will take a look at a key resistance level we are approaching in the SPX and we will take a look at the market action by looking at the SPY, TLT, FXY and QQQ. In the video we also have setups on Verifone Systems (PAY), Google (GOOG), Ford (F), Blackberry (BBRY) and we take a look at the action in Apple, Inc (AAPL) today. 

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