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Learn Stocks 101 collects a certain amount of information from clients in order to process client orders. Information is also collected for market research purposes, to assist in product development. This information is never sold to anyone for the purposes of mass marketing or mass e-mailing. A certain amount of information is collected by the website host servers when the website is utilized, for example what website the viewer came from, what the IP address of the user is, what browser and operating system the user is accessing the website with, and time of visit.This information is provided to Learn Stocks 101 in the form of 'web stats'. Similar information is collected when the contact form is used to contact Learn Stocks 101.

No personally identifiable information will be shared outside of the conditions listed above. Please note that any and all e-mail, standard mail, or other correspondence sent to Learn Stocks 101 will become the property of Learn Stocks 101. This correspondence may be posted on the website, used in articles, or posted in or on any other Learn Stocks 101 venue, without the need for specific permission for Learn Stocks 101 to do so.

None of this material will be used with any personally identifiable information attached to it. Permission to use testimonials using actual names will be requested by Learn Stocks 101 before publishing. If you do not want your information to be used by Learn Stocks 101, please do not send the correspondence to Learn Stocks 101. Learn Stocks 101 gives no assurance that non-personally identifiable comments will not be used. The sending of any form of correspondence to Learn Stocks 101 will be considered an acknowledgment, a complete and full understanding, and acceptance of, as well as a full agreement to, the disclaimers, terms & conditions, and policies of the Learn Stocks 101 website and services.

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