Private Mentorship

The price for the Private Mentorship is going up in February. If you are considering a Private Mentorship schedule it now prior to the price increase.

All Private Mentorships come with a Free One-Year Gold Membership

Trading is not easy and without help most traders will start out losing much more money than they make and some will even blow through a couple trading accounts before they start to turn things around. Most traders fail because they don’t do the simple things like settings stops, they tend to over-trade and impulse trade and the biggest mistake is that they tend to trade without a proper plan. Yes, there is a difference between having a trading plan and having the proper trading plan.

There is a saying that goes “trading the wrong style at the wrong time is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, it feels great when you stop”. When you decide what kind of trader you want to be you have to know what kind of trading strategies fit that style.

Our private mentorships will be tailored to meet your goals that you have as a trader and help you avoid the pitfalls discussed above.  We will begin with an assessment of your goals and background, and then create a plan that will build on your current knowledge and trading experience. At the same time  we will address your  deficiencies and weaknesses, be it with trading strategies, concepts, or the mental aspect of trading.

We specialize in...

Teaching you how to find low risk/high probability trade setups and help you learn the best time to enter and exit these trade setups.

Teaching you how to get  started trading options and for those of you already familiar with trading options we can help you take it to the next level.


How does this work?

First you will need to contact us to express your interest and request enrollment in our private mentorship program. After we receive your request we will contact you and ask you to give us details on your trading background and what areas you are looking to improve on or learn.

Once you are accepted into the program we will put a game plan together that we will present to you. Once we agree on the game plan we will set up specific dates and times to begin your mentorship that fit with all of our schedules.

This mentorship is done online via the web using GoToMeeting. We will share our screens as we discuss all aspects of the plan we have put together to bring your trading to the next level .

The mentorship will consist of a minimum four hours and the student can decide if they want to go all four hours at once or whether they want to divide things up into two separate two hours sessions. After the first four hours  the student can decide whether they want to take things further.

The cost for this program is $599.00 for the first four hours and if the student decides they want to go further each subsequent two hour session will be at a cost $199 per two hour session.

Not everyone is accepted into the program. Only those that are ready and willing to do the work to take their trading to the next level are accepted.

To get started or if you need more information click here to access our contact form.